About Studio G Brooklyn

Studio G Brooklyn has been a creative base of operations since 1994 in Williamsburg, with tracks made here with people like Mos Def, Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Frank Black, Black Keys, Highly Suspect, Ani Difranco, Aaron Neville, Lettuce, Talib Kweli, Sanhet, Pretty Lights (Grammy nominated), Unsane, A Storm of Light, Soulive, Dub Trio, Matisyahu, Bomba Estereo (latin Grammy nominated), Gaby Moreno(Latin Grammy) and many many more…

We now are combining our efforts and entering a new phase of upgrades and improvements that will enable us to offer unparalleled quality, efficiency, and flexibility to meet the budget and create something with vision and quality for the artist that wants to make a real record.

Our completely renovated C room will be featuring a custom Neotek console, and tons of great outboard gear and the now stunningly thorough mic collection of the combined studios.

Our forthcoming D room will be primarily designed around the strengths of a high quality DAW setup with a summing box and a few choices of analog buss compression, and massive UAD processing from a couple Apollo converters. D will also have a small vocal booth for voiceover or overdubs. (Slated completion for fall 2015). All four rooms at Studio G Brooklyn will now feature ATC monitors. We hope to see you soon!

Also our recurring AES party/open house this year will be a chance to see all the upgrades and progress with your own eyes.
We are super excited about what is happening. The vision is almost fully realized! Come be a part of it.