Staff » Jeff Berner

Jeff Berner is a producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Since moving to Brooklyn in 2005, Berner has produced, engineered and mixed records for many artists, including Psychic TV, Naam, Heliotropes, Weird Owl, Dead Stars, Quiet Loudly, Gunfight!, and others in GaluminumFoil Studios, a multi-room Williamsburg facility he helped open in 2005 in with fellow producer/musical collaborator Chris Cubeta. When GaluminumFoil’s building was sold in late 2014, Jeff and the rest of the GFoil staff merged forces with the wonderful folks at Studio G Brooklyn.

Jeff also performs in Psychic TV/PTV3 and Chris Cubeta & The Liars Club.

Some artists that Jeff has worked with: Psychic TV, Shilpa Ray, Naam, Dead Stars, Weird Owl, Boy George, The Golden Grass, Haybaby, Heliotropes, Tony Conrad, Genesis P-Orridge, Lenny Kaye, Pharoahe Monch, Nat & Alex Wolff, Vallens, Quiet Loudly, Very Fresh, Friend Roulette, Nailbiter, Worthless, Spaceships, GunFight!, La Otracina, Somnuri, Adult Dude, and Patrick McGrath.

For a more complete list of credits and more information about Jeff, visit or contact him at