Staff ยป Tony Maimone

Producer/Engineer/Musician/Owner – Tony lives in Brooklyn, New York where he owns and operates Studio G Brooklyn, a recording studio with Joel Hamilton and Chris Cubeta.

Tony was a member of Pere Ubu from the mid-1970s to the early 1990s and has also performed with Bob Mould, Frank Black, The Mekons, They Might Be Giants, and Jon Langford. Currently, he performs with Megan Reilly, Home and Garden, Book Of Knots, and No Grave Like The Sea.

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Some of Tony’s credits include:

Mike Watt, Ani DiFranco, Frank Black, Four Tet and Omar Souleyman, Roni Size, Underground System, Jon Langford, Golem, Cloud Room, Easy Star All-Stars, Flutronix, Grey Gersten, Alwan, Noura Mint Somali, Shark?, The Dixons, The Shondes, Felili, Destronauts, Rotary Club, Bob Kidney, Lord Ward, Peg Simone, Hassan Hakmoun, Jon Langford, Megan Reilly, CC Carana, The Clubs, Vince Priceless