In addition to the four beautiful studios, there is a wide open, three hundred square foot lounge with tons of natural light and sixteen foot ceilings. There is access to coffee, tea and even Studio G’s custom cold brew coffee for you coffee snobs out there :). There is a large kitchen table that can seat up to 8 people and a large couch for lounging on. We have extremely fast wi-fi throughout the studios and the lounge which is perfect for artists, label personnel and management to get work done during sessions. The lounge is a special space as it allows people and musicians from all walks of life to mingle and connect.


Down the hall from the lounge is our pedal cabinet which houses over 400 pedals and gadgets! In addition to many vintage and boutique pedals, Studio G has the ENTIRE line of Earth Quaker Devices pedals which are some of our favorite here. We of course have all your favorite classics from Ibanez to EHX. There are also many, special and unique noise makers that live here. From theremin’s to strange, vintage tape echo units we’ve got you covered for creating unique sounds.


Just around the corner from the lounge is our massive storage space. This is where our entire collection of keyboards from vintage Juno and ARP synthesizers to modern DSI OB6 and Prophet 08 to our vintage Linn drum machine. All of our guitar and bass amplifiers are also displayed on a giant amp wall which makes choosing the right amp easy and convenient. The sixty, plus guitars and basses are all stored in cases underneath the amp wall and can be easily grabbed for a session by any of the staff here.


Studio G Brooklyn is located directly on the border of Greenpoint and Williamsburg, just two blocks from the gorgeous McCarren park. There are amazing food choices for take out or if you want to take a break and enjoy some of the amazing restaurants that are in walking distance. That being said, the favorite spot of Studio G’s staff is Xian’s Famous Foods. Without question, someone from the studio eats there at least once a day. On a side note, no matter what Francisco Botero says, the noodle dishes are the star with a solid runner up going to the slightly, “healthier” cucumber salad. This has been officially decided by silent partner and carb aficionado, Ken Cubotz.